Mental Health Awareness Month

May 2024

Mental Health Awareness Month

Experience connection, wellness, and enlightenment this May with EveryMind as we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. We invite you to join us in a series of engaging activities designed to nurture your mental health and support our community. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

Cancelled: With Parks In Mind' Mindfulness Gathering

Location: Germantown Town Center Urban Park

This event has been cancelled due to the rainy forecast.

Town Hall: Making Digital Media Work for Our Teens' Mental Health

Date: Thursday, May 16th | Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Location: Virtual

Ready to dive into an enlightening conversation on shaping a safer digital landscape for our youth? This engaging panel discussion explores the impact of digital media on youth mental health, presenting strategies to minimize risks while highlighting its potential for positivity. Gain actionable insights and resources for navigating the complex digital world, promoting a healthier and more balanced digital lifestyle for teens and their supporters.

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Throughout May

Embrace the #GoldenHourGlowUp Challenge

This May, we invite you to redefine the ‘Golden Hour’ with us. While traditionally it refers to those magical moments just after sunrise or before sunset, we understand it’s not always about when the sun graces the sky. It’s about finding your moment. Whether it’s at dawn, dusk, or any time in between, the #GoldenHourGlowUp Challenge is a celebration of those personal instances you dedicate to self-care and mental wellness.


We encourage you to share how you find peace and joy in your unique Golden Hour — be it through meditation, reading, a quiet walk, or any activity that nurtures your mental health. Join us in illuminating the paths to wellness while supporting EveryMind’s vital mission. Click here for our social media toolkit and explore how you can make a significant impact with your #goldenhourglowup moment.

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Throughout May

Start a Fundraising Challenge

Want to help those without access to mental health support? Start a fundraising challenge with your friends and raise money to support EveryMind.  Create your own fundraising page and share it through text, social, and email to your network. Simple Steps: Click the link below to create a custom page for your fundraiser. Tell your story. Share with your network. Show gratitude. We’ve simplified the process with a ready-to-use toolkit containing language samples and instructions.

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Throughout May

Participate in the Call Your Mother Deli Partnership

Call Your Mother Deli is partnering with EveryMind to raise awareness of mental health across the region. Visit any Call Your Mother Deli and choose to ’round up’ your purchase for EveryMind. Enjoy delicious bagels and know that with every bite, you’re contributing to a meaningful cause.

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Throughout May

Donate to Support Mental Health

Every activity, smile, and awareness-raising effort is a step towards better mental health for all. If you’re inspired by May’s activities and our mission, we warmly invite donations. Your generosity fuels our programs, outreach, and educational efforts year-round.


Your voice, your action, and your support can light up lives. Let’s grow together in strength and solidarity this Mental Health Awareness Month.

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