Serving Together Program

Support for Veterans & Military Families

Are you a veteran or a part of a military family seeking support and help in connecting with community services? ServingTogether, a program of EveryMind, is here to assist you.

Designed for veterans, this program allows you to work closely with a professional care coordinator who is knowledgeable about the resources and program eligibility for service members, veterans, and military families. With ServingTogether, we aim to help you navigate the support you and your loved ones deserve to thrive.

ServingTogether: a military service member hugs family

Connecting You & Your Family to Services

ServingTogether is the National Capital Region’s premier care coordination initiative, built specifically for our veteran and military community. Created through a partnership with reputed community organizations, this network is not just another program or service; it is a proven, coordinated way to serve those who have served our country. Through ServingTogether, service members, veterans, and their families can access a top-tier network of providers, including:

Superior Mental Health Services

With a rapidly expanding healthcare system and state leadership in Veteran Service delivery, Virginia, Central Maryland and National Capital Regions provide our nation’s veterans with some of the best physical & mental health services in the country.

Housing Assistance

There are many different ways for veterans, military, and their spouses to find and maintain secure housing. ServingTogether can connect you to rental assistance, in addition to resources at the federal, state and local levels.

Emergency Service Providers

Local non-profits and government programs work to improve the lives of veterans and transitioning military members by ensuring immediate needs are met: food, clothing, home goods,  and a wide-variety of cash benefits.

Employment Resources

Serving Together is here to ensure that veterans, service members and their families have the opportunity to work in a safe, productive, and beneficial environment through the utilization of our many resources.

Financial Capabilities Support

Assistance in managing money and benefits is available. This includes budgeting assistance, credit counseling, debt management, financial management workshops, loan counseling, retirement planning, & tax preparation assistance.

Educational Opportunities

Education benefits help veterans, service members, and their family members with needs like paying college tuition, finding the right school or training program, and getting career counseling. ServingTogether can help you navigate these services.

Volunteer Options

Transiting to civilian life can be difficult but there are a variety of ways you can share your talents and gifts with your community and other military families. ServingTogether can find the best volunteer option for you.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities focus on meeting other people and participating in group activities. Including but not limited to: counseling and/or therapeutic activities, community activities, sports and recreation, involvement in the arts, and support groups.

Fitness Programs

When veterans commit to making changes to improve their health, ServingTogether can help find the best fitness program for you. Through movement, nutritional education, coaching, goal-setting, and skill-building, you’ll be empowered to create a healthy and active life.

Connect to Services Now

Take the first step towards accessing the support you’ve earned. Connect with ServingTogether and let our expert care coordinators help you and your family find the resources and assistance you need.